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Alex Fischer Photography

2014 -  I decided to start my business. I owe huge thanks to some of my photographer friends for the support and help through it all. I didn't go through any schooling or classes for photography, I have picked up the art on my own and have created my very own style. I have read many photography books, so in a way I was self taught all the "photographically correct" ways of the photo world that I have come to know and have twisted these ways to create my style. There's a term many people use "A photo says a thousand words," well this term is 100% correct, I spend most of my free time online or in magazines reading the light, reading the lines, reading the expressions in many photos and it helps me get inspired. Sometimes I see a photo and it will give me an idea for a shoot, I will go out of my way to not recreate the image, but to have a feel for what I would like to achieve.

Photography is a dirty business, and that's exactly why I love it. 

Since 1996 - A little bit about me...I was born and raised in Ridgecrest California where the scenery isn't the greatest for some, but the lifestyles are colorful. I have always been the type of person that puts family first, being a Son, Grandson, Brother, Cousin, and Nephew, I feel that the ones you surround yourself with help determine the shape of the lifestyle you choose to live. Being in a small town competition is high for ALL markets, Photography is HUGE and there are many different styles that differ one from another.

I enjoy the outdoors; whether its hiking, water sports, or snow boarding. I typically keep busy with family and friends on the days I'm not behind the camera. These activities and travels help me find new locations for when a client leaves the destination up to me. 
I LOVE photos. Every picture tells it's own story, from your baby's first birthday to your child's senior year of High School, all memories can be relived through a single photograph. I feel that photos are priceless treasures that cannot be replaced. YOU choose YOUR Photographer, whatever style fits you best. I have learned a lot since I have taken up the profession, and am still learning. Some of the greatest photographers, with YEARS of experience, see themselves as students to the art.

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